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5 elements of high-quality website design

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Do you own a business and want to have a seamless website that attracts visitors? Websites connect businesses to recurring and new customers and provide them valuable information and an engaging experience. In this day and age, businesses of all sizes need to stay ahead of the curve when marketing their brand. With people tuned into their smartphones and other devices, digital marketing is more important now than ever. Small businesses looking to grow their business can utilize digital marketing to promote their business to their local community, along with those in different regions.

A website can provide:

  • Brand credibility and visibility

  • A connection with your audience

  • Valuable information

  • A resource of knowledge for your audience

  • Potential to convert customers

One of the key parts of a digital marketing plan is optimizing your website for success. A website is essential for a business to enhance its online presence and showcase its goods and services. Your website will contain all of the information about your business and the services or products that you have to offer. If you have an informative, engaging website, you will likely have visitors stay and potentially convert to a customer. Below, we break down a few high-quality website design components that are engaging and likely to prompt visitors to return.

A website is essential in 2021 and moving forward, as many people are searching online for the things they need. Whether it be a particular service, information, tutorial videos, descriptive blogs, or more, people want to find what they are looking for efficiently. By having relevant, valuable information and a smooth website design, you can create an excellent experience for your visitors, prompting them to navigate through your website to learn more. We offer insight into some of the principal elements of a seamless website experience for your audience.

The more we progress in technology, the more we need things to occur quickly. With the rise of smartphones and automation, we have the ability to access information quicker than we ever have before. As these advancements occur, people expect results quickly, so it's essential to keep up with the demand. People are searching for goods and services on both their laptops and mobile devices, so it's necessary to keep both of them loading quickly.

With page speed, you can ensure that your pages load quickly without making your audience wait for them to load. If your website takes too long to load, your audience will lose interest, which can cause them to "bounce" and return to Google to look at a competitor's site. By having a high bounce rate, you can lose your potential customers, which is why it's so important to prioritize having a fast site.

Seamless navigation ensures that your audience can quickly move throughout your website without getting confused or unsure of where to go. Without it, you can discourage visitors from staying on your website, leading them to leave your site to go to another that offers a better experience. You want to create a clear path for your audience to see the services or products you provide and a way to contact you with any questions or quotes. It's important to keep in mind that visitors' have a goal in mind when searching, so you want to have easily accessible information. You can accomplish this by having your service pages at the top of your home page, clearly listed and organized, along with other CTA's to point them in the right direction.

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If you want to have a successful website, it's important to incorporate responsive design elements. From tablets to smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers, your website design needs to create a seamless experience for people on all devices. People are using their smartphones on their commute from the office, their laptops at home, and more, so your website needs to be responsive for all different viewing experiences. A Responsive design strategy ensures that your audience has an engaging experience while navigating your website, regardless of their device while browsing the SERPs. It's vital to have the appropriate sizing for each device, so you people can easily navigate your site from a smartphone and be able to see the print, and vice versa for other devices. By taking this approach, you can reach a wide range of customers and keep them engaged on your website.

"Content is king," which is especially true in the case of copy on a website. Content is one of the essential components of a website as it can have your audience resonate with your message while also helping you perform on the SERPs. With valuable and relevant copy, you can provide your audience with the information and resources they are looking for while also showcasing your brand. Your site's content is as important as the website design, as they work together to create a seamless experience. You can create content for your service pages, blogs, FAQs, articles, and more, to offer your audience valuable information.

A CTA, Call to action, can help your audience move in the next direction of the marketing funnel. Whether you want your visitors to contact you directly, receive a quote, download an E-book, or more, you will need to have a catchy CTA that leads them in the right direction. A well-designed CTA works to have your audience take the action that you want them to on your website, which is why site navigation is so important in creating an efficient site. CTA's seamlessly flow with your site design but also stand out to catch your reader's attention.

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