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SEO Tips for Blogging Success in 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Is blogging important for SEO?

In short - YES!

Why? Google's website rankings tend to favor those with informative content that is kept up to date regularly. Adding a new blog entry daily, weekly, or monthly will let your audience and the search engine know that your website is current. Doing so will also help your website begin to become an authority of knowledge in your industry, thus boosting your rankings! Blogs are also a great place to work in niche keywords that don't seem to fit in anywhere on your site's main pages but can be of great value to connect a specific target audience to your business.

Our Top 5 Blogging Tips:

  • Create an engaging, keyword-focused title. Take time to think through the title as it is the most important place to put the main keyword your article is about - make sure it is a keyword people are searching for frequently! Then, try to break up your blog post with sub-headers (also with keywords for the upcoming section of text).

  • Use as much detail as possible without being repetitive. You want to utilize your keywords naturally rather than just stuffing them in wherever you can. Also, be sure to use different variants of each keyword throughout your writing. For example, if you are writing an article about optimizing your Wix website for search engines, mix in keywords such as Wix SEO, SEO for Wix, search engine optimization on Wix, optimizing your website on Wix, how to perform SEO on Wix, etc.

  • Choose the right keywords. It is not easy to pick all the right keywords for blogging! One of our favorite keyword-finding tools is Ubersuggest.

How to Use Ubersuggest:

  • Type in a keyword you may want to target, and you'll get rounded monthly search result data, how competitive it is, how much CPC is for them, etc., and you can click on the Keyword Ideas tab on the left to get some more ideas.

  • Try different variations of your keyword to see which gets better results. For example, 'houses for sale' gets almost TWICE as many hits at 'homes for sale' - who'd of thought?? You may be surprised by some of the results.

  • Use this tool to enter whole domains and analyze your or your competitors' websites. See what keywords you are already ranking for and what position they are in - any that are landing in that 11-30 position are opportunity keywords to incorporate into your SEO plan. Also, take the time to see what keywords your competitors are leveraging so you can find even more opportunities - find where their efforts are lacking and take advantage of that data. Blog about these topics!

  • Ensure your blog content is easy to read. Think about it - most people that land on a page with huge chunks of text rather than neat and manageable bits mixed with visuals are NOT going to read it. Your blog needs to be easy to scan and read. Here are a few easy tips for blog read-ability:

    1. Use those keyword-rich sub-headers to break up your content.

    2. Create short paragraphs - about 3-5 sentences each.

    3. Use bucket brigades to keep your user reading.

    4. Use internal linking to guide users to other, relevant pages on your site - this will keep them engaged with your site longer!

    5. Mix up the content type - Be sure to include at least one photo (and don't forget your keyword-rich alt text!), try to add a numbered or bulleted list, and use a supporting infographic or video, if you can! The more variety of content types you provide, the better value your blog will give as long as it is informative, relevant, and accurate.

  • Finish off your blog post with a Call to Action so your users know where to go next. Whether it be to read more, leave a comment, or contact you! What is a Call-to-action? A call to action (also called CTA for short) is a button, link, or section on your website or other marketing material designed to inspire your reader to take action. This marketing strategy creates a response from your target market to capture leads, get your visitors in touch with you or make sales. It may seem unnecessary, bothersome, or excessive to create 'Buy Now' or 'Get Your Free Estimate' links, but it is vital to direct your visitors on what action to take to guide them to the next step of your sales funnel. A great way to help encourage users to click is to create a sense of urgency by supplementing your 'Buy Now' or 'Register Here' button with 'offer ends soon' or 'sign up by _________(<- enter date here) to receive this special offer'. It is crucial to make it as easy and obvious as possible for your potential customers to become your paying customers.

To Sum Up this Blog about Blogging -

The number one thing to remember is that your writing should always read naturally and not like you've awkwardly stuffed keywords into it. Try to stay as regular as possible with your updates, and you will find your Blog pages ranking and bringing in more visitors in no time. Now grab a cup of coffee (or wine, we don't judge), get out there, and get blogging!

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