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5 Benefits of Creating a Website for your Small Business

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

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Statista states that there are currently 284 million internet users in the United States in 2019. We live in a digital world nowadays, and people are more often reaching for their smartphones or laptops rather than the yellow pages for information. With people looking more towards the internet to get more information, small businesses need to appear in the search engine result pages. If your business is not online, it's not visible to most consumers. It's essential to be where the people are, especially in such a digital time.

When you appear online, you have a higher chance of reaching your target audience and other consumers who are looking for services. Having a website can help you increase your sales and improve your overall business. Essentially, a website is an online version of your company. Similar to how you would like to run your business with professionalism, your website should also demonstrate knowledge, reliability, and high - performance. Aside from marking your place online, there are several reasons your small business should have a site. If you're a small business considering creating a website for your company, here are some of the main reasons it will benefit you.

Whether you are a local restaurant, snow removal company, or a wedding photographer, a website can positively affect your small business. It allows you to control your narrative, promote your products and services, and illustrate your credibility as a trustworthy company. Below are the most impactful reasons and ways having a strong online presence can give your business a boost.

Your website hosts information about your business, such as the different types of products and services you offer, the locations you serve, visual representations of your work, reviews, and more. Having a website allows visitors to see your work and capabilities. You can demonstrate your credibility by including your customer's testimonials of your work on your website. A majority of people use reviews as a way of seeing if a business is trustworthy and dependable. By having reviews right on your website, you can show your target audience that your business is honest, reliable, and professional.

Also, having a modern website increases your trustworthiness as a business. If your site is engaging and professional, people will conclude that your company is also reliable. If it contains spelling errors, odd fonts, inaccurate or old information, customers may click away. An ideal website is informative, easy to navigate, and engaging.

When your small business has a website, you can continually market your company over time. While billboards and other forms of advertising are still an option, most marketing efforts are digital. You can update your content with blogs, upcoming events, new projects, and more. Your marketing options are seemingly endless.

Digital marketing pros include:

  • Cost-effective

  • Impactful ROI

  • Higher engagement potential

  • Ability to target your specific audience

  • Successfully measure and track progress

  • Highlight successful reviews

Search Engine Optimization comes into play with a business website as well. You can use SEO strategies to gain momentum in Google's search engine result pages so that people searching for services in your area will come across your page. Creating a website for your business can not only give you space online but also give you the potential to increase sales continually.

According to research, 81% of shoppers research online before purchasing a product. With such a large percentage of people looking to Google for answers, it's essential that your website is a result of the search engines. Customers are not only looking for information on your website, but they expect you to have one. If you don't, they will look to your competitors that have more of a presence on the web. A small business without a website cannot compete with one that does. Your website is the heart of your online presence where you can control the message and continually going above and beyond to make sure it is up to date. Keeping your customers and potential customers engaged online is key to success.

Every business has a competitor, big or small. Without a modern website, you risk losing customers to companies who already have one and are taking advantage of their full capabilities. If your business is in direct competition with another business that has a website, your competitor has a clear lead and will likely perform better. With a website, you can make your brand clear and use your message to help you lead your respective industry. For inspiration, take a look at who your competitors are. You can use that information to capitalize on what they lack on their website.

One of the major pros to a website is that the internet is open every single day at all hours. Meaning, your customers can reach out to you no matter what time they are browsing to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, request a quote, and more. This is especially beneficial if you are selling products online. People have various work schedules and browse the internet at different times of the day. Having a website makes your information available to them at any time, which helps you reach all customers at any given time.

At the end of the day, a majority of people are online looking for various products and services. If your business doesn't have a website, you're missing out on potential customers. A site for your business can give you credibility, control over your narrative, and help you stand out among your competition with continual marketing strategies. You can use your website to connect with your customers and provide answers to their questions. No matter how small a business you are, you can benefit from having a company website. A great resource for Wix SEO services would be the team at Wix SEO Pros.

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