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Top 5 Content Trends in 2020

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

With the new year right around the corner, it's essential to look ahead for your SEO strategy in 2020, so you can optimize for ultimate success in the search engines. SEO has continually evolved, and it's going to continue on that trajectory. There are always new changes and updates to Google's algorithm every year. If you're prepared, you can capitalize on them to enhance your strategy and improve your SEO. In 2020, content is still king and looking better than ever! Whether you're looking to attract visitors to your blog page, rank for a specific keyword, or improve your overall SEO performance, staying up to date with the latest content trends will help you reach your goals in the new year. The following are the top content trends that will have an impact on your marketing:

As time goes on, people want more out of the content they consume rather than plain text. Infographics, charts, and other illustrations can convey your message in a meaningful way and keep visitors on your website. The longer people are on your site, the more of a chance you have to convert them to being a customer or contacting you directly.

You can insert these infographics in your blogs, to give people a wealth of information along with the content you include in the article. Visual content will continue to be trendy in 2020, and to thrive with SEO, take the time to create original, informative graphics. You can use sites such as Canva to create various images!

In 2020, video content marketing is a MUST. According to a Hubspot study, 75% of Millenials watch at least one video per day. Another site, Impact, states that users spend 88% more time on websites that have videos.

Over the past few years, video content has increased on sites, and consumers are demanding that type of content. Videos provide an engaging experience and can lead potential customers through the buyer's journey. Also, video marketing can help garner your customer's attention and help you keep it. Video marketing enables you to establish trust with your audience, which is essential to a brand. If your consumers trust you, they are more likely to make a purchase and become a regular customer.

In 2020, consider how you can make video part of your content marketing strategy to better connect with your audience. You can start small and build up to higher - quality videos. Essentially, the important thing is to be authentic to who you are as a business, and showcase that to your consumers.

As time goes on, technology advances and people consume content differently. Voice device use for Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Samsung devices is on the rise, and marketers need to consider that for the new year. Offering compelling content in response to voice-activated inquiries opens an all-new avenue for engagement. It's essential to pay attention to new updates with voice content, as it provides an opportunity to capture the attention of people who are using these devices daily.

Think of it as optimizing your content for how people speak. People tend to speak with full questions, as opposed to typing smaller phrases on their devices. If someone is using a voice device, they may say: "Hey Siri, where is a local coffee shop?" If they are on their laptops or phone, they may search "coffee shops near me." By optimizing for voice, you can lead those searches to your website.

Essentially, technology is going to continue to advance, and marketers need to stay on top of consumer behavior, so they can advertise to people through devices that they use.

In 2020, Google is getting smarter, and that means it can decipher how much content can help people and is relevant to their needs. It's crucial that you create content that directly benefits your audience. Whether that's through FAQ's, informative blogs, specific data that directly relates to their issue, infographics, and more. Google likes content that is valuable to its users. Most importantly, your content has to meet the information needs of customers first over your business' promotional message.

To accomplish customer-centered content, you will need to perform better research to understand your audience, create more in-depth blogs, have consistency with posting, and use engaging visuals to capture the reader's attention.

As mentioned above, your content needs to focus on your audience's needs and be relevant to what they are searching for online. But how long should your content be? While there is no magic, concrete number, studies show that longer content tends to perform better in the search engines. Through long-form content, you can deep dive into a top, flesh it out, and provide solutions. Sites that have more high-quality, valuable content, earn credibility in Google faster, which results in stronger SEO.

In 2020, consistent, consumer-focused, and relevant content is the key to success. Not only does your content need to be consistent, but it needs to have a purpose. Whether you're providing content for a customer's question, offering a step by step guide, or offering other informational pieces, it's essential to be thorough in gaining authority on Google and with your audience.

If you put your efforts into your content strategy in 2020, you will have a high chance of increasing traffic to your website and reducing your bounce rate. Not only can you accomplish stronger overall SEO, but you can gain credibility with your audience along the way, which will prompt them to return.

Through these upcoming trends, you can attract traffic to your site when people search for keywords that are related to your business. If you help people solve a problem and provide definitive solutions, it will not only help with authority on Google, but they will also trust you, which is key to successful SEO.

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