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Website Content & Site Structure

This month we focused on developing some structured, keyword-rich content for your website. We did research in your industry and studied what people are searching for relevant to your services. Answering questions and giving information on related subject matter gives you authority on the subject, adds valuable content to the page, adds keywords people actually use, and in the end will help your rankings. Content is king in the land of SEO and having more copy on your website is a great way to inform your users, keep them on your site longer, get your users to trust you, and rank in search engines better.

Developing this kind of a content is a solution for the lack of an FAQ page which is a great feature for your website. Learn more about how great FAQ pages are here: 


This content development is something we will continue to add on to throughout your program on a quarterly basis. We will then begin to convert this content into an FAQ page once there is enough info to do so. In the meantime, having the additional information on your page will not only benefit your users, but your SEO rankings as well!


Below is your current Behavior graph from Google Analytics showing your page views, average time on page, and bounce rate. As your content continues to develop, we should expect your page views and average time on page to increase and your bounce rate to decrease.



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