Target Keywords

This month we focused on targeting keywords; our goal is to identify and maximize keyword usage on your website by using Google Webmaster Tools and studying industry trends.


The screenshots below show the top 10 keywords you are receiving impressions​ for as well as how many actual clicks they each got. Impressions is when your website shows up in the search engine when someone conducts a search, whether it is scrolled into view on their screen or not. Our goal is to move these highly impressioned keywords up in search engine results in order to get them more click throughs.

Our Actions: 

- Keyword reassessment - Had a look at Webmaster tools keyword reports to see where impressions versus clickthroughs fall for our current targeted keywords and either continue to implement them or utilize new, more popular keywords.

- Add/update image alt tags - Utilized keywords with high amounts of impressions in alt tags to relevant images.

- Create/update Headings - Create headings on pages that do not have them or update existing headings with current/popular keywords.


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