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Featured Snippets

This month, we focused on getting you into Position Zero in Google. That’s right - it is now possible to rank ABOVE the coveted #1 position in Google by optimizing your site for featured snippets. Featured snippets are an organic search feature that now take significant search traffic from the search results below them, making it more important than ever to optimize for them.

Since Google’s understanding of user intent is becoming increasingly accurate, featured snippets are Google's attempt to answer the query right on the search results page so they don't have to search the actual results. Featured snippets show up above the #1 ranked spot, and typically appear above the fold (the part of the webpage that shows before a user scrolls).


Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.01.04 PM.png

Featured snippets can appear in three main forms:- Paragraph Featured Snippet - A paragraph-formatted answer to the searcher's query.- List Featured Snippet - A bulleted or numbered list that answers the searcher's query. - Table Featured Snippet - Less often, Google uses a table featured snippet to answer the searcher's query.Google pulls snippet answers from pages that rank on Page 1 of the results for that query (spots #1 through #10) - but the page that wins the featured snippet isn't necessarily the #1 result. Google picks the excerpt from the page that best answers the query in a simple, concise format . This leaves the door wide open for content that isn't in the #1 spot to appear ABOVE the #1 spot.

Our Actions:

We have implemented proper structure and optimization to target Position Zero with the following:[examples here]2. We have re-submitted any pages that have been updated with this optimization for Google indexing.


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