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Website Performance Review

This month we did an in-depth review of your performance since Jan 1, 2018 [or, insert date data began collecting]. Our goal, over time, is to maximize the amount of visitors coming to your site that have the best potential to convert to paying customers.

The screenshot below was pulled from your Google Analytics Account. It shows your Audience Overview for the past year based on daily and monthly users.


Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.09.26 PM.png

Here are some details about this screenshot:-


You see that 2,363 sessions were recorded in the last 365 days by 2,067 people.- On average, every time a person visited this site (a single session), they looked at 2.02 pages.-


Your individual pages were viewed 4,771 times by your users.- Visitors are staying on your site for an average of 1 minute and 33 seconds.-


The bounce rate is measured from the number of people who looked at a single page on your website then left. They might have clicked the browser's back button or closed their browser window. Our goal is to get and keep this number lower than 55%.

Our Actions:

Keyword reassessment - Checked Webmaster tools keyword reports to see where clickthroughs and positions fall for our current targeted keywords and either continue to implement them or utilize new, more popular keywords.- Review/Create/Update image alt tags - For relevant images that don’t have them with keywords targeted.- Review/Create/Update Headings - Created headings on pages that do not have them or update existing headings with better performing/more popular keywords.- Improve and/or Utilize location-specific keywords where necessary - Aimed to get more users on your site in your service area by improving your search-ability with location-specific keywords.


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