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Mobile Optimization

This month we focused on the mobile version of your website. It is important to keep tabs on your mobile website as browsers update and content is added, et cetera as well as keep up with any mobile trends as the web is always evolving!


Here is a great article from Startup Grind (created by Google for Entrepreneurs) highlighting the importance of mobile websites for businesses in 2018 -


This is what we did for you this month regarding your website SEO:

- Added a convenient CTA(Call-to-action) bar that includes e-mail, phone and appropriate social buttons.

- Made sure all buttons, including menu buttons, are easy to click for mobile users (they must be large enough for a finger to tap them).

- Double-checked that all content is readable (big enough but not too big).

- Performed a general mobile review of all pages to check for and eliminate overlapping items, word crowding, and improve any layouts where necessary.


The screenshot attached shows your Audience Device Overview for the past month from Google Analytics. As you can see here, users accessing your site from mobile exceeds desktop users.

Mobile Optimization.png


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