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Keyword Optimization

This month we focused on targeting keywords, which we like to do quarterly to be sure your site is using current trending keywords and so that we can continue to build upon your already existing keywords. Even just a small change on your page can let Google/Search engine bots know that your site is kept up to date and cared for. Our continuing goal is to identify and maximize keyword usage on your website by using Google Webmaster Tools (AKA Google Search Console).


The screenshot below shows the top 10 keywords you are receiving impressions​ for. These are the keywords that Google already associated with your website that we can try to take advantage of and improve upon on your site to increase your traffic. The more these keywords present themselves in your content, page titles, meta tags and headings (while not over-stuffing them inappropriately), the better they will show in Google and present your page to potential users.

Target Keywords.png

Our Actions:

- Keyword Assessment - Had a look at Webmaster tools keyword reports to see where impressions versus clicks fall and implemented these words to get them ranking better.

- Add/update image alt tags, headings, page titles, meta tags where appropriate. 


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