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Domain Authority

This month we concluded the second part of a two-part Local SEO Audit for your site. Local SEO is not only beneficial for a brick & mortar business but even for those serving nationally! It is a great way to gain momentum by dominating the local market with local SEO strategies first and then you can focus spreading as far as you can reach. 

This month, we are going to compare your Domain Authority to a few of yoru close competitors to better strategize your continuing SEO program. Please let us know if there is a particular competitor you would like us to look at that we haven't. Domain Authority is an algorithm design by Moz(a marketing company backed by the largest community of SEOs on the planet) determined by over 40 different factors. Here are some of the most important factors they consider when determining Domain Authority: page load speed, knowledge of your industry displayed via valuable content, internal linking structure, mobile friendliness, visible social buttons and social media presence. This will help us not only with this months improvements but with future improvements as well. 

domain authority.png

Our Actions:

1. Compared Domain Authority to 3 competitors to see how you stack up.

2. Measured site speed and improve it if necessary - a good goal is to get under 3.5 seconds load time.

3. Checked for/add visible payment information (if applicable) to the footer or contact page as it is a great customer resource for your clients and may help increase conversions. 

4. Ensured that all important information on the website is crawl-able for Google bots - most importantly, no pertinent information in images 

5. Confirmed there are text reviews, if available, on the home page or a reviews page or add them if missing: it is a great way to increase consumer confidence!

Our sister company, Wix SEO Pros, offers more great tips and tricks for your Wix website. Check them out here,


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