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Keyword Rich Content

This month we focused on developing some structured, keyword-rich content for your website. We did search in your industry and studied what people are searching for relevant to your services. Updating the content on your website so that it stays fresh and relevant is extremely important. This allows you to enjoy a bonus SEO boost, since search engines notice when you supplement or update the contents of already-published blog posts, web pages, and articles. The effect is that the content may be returned more frequently or as a more relevant result for Google keyword searches; ranking more frequently and higher in relevant search results should result in more visits to your website. While you're updating your pages you can use the opportunity to make sure your content contains the most up-to-date keywords for your industry (which you should keep current with competitive keyword research). 

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 12.37.51

To the left is a keyword we focused on during this content creation. We used an advanced SEO tool to find relevant keywords that has a respectable search volume compared to a lower SEO difficulty level so we can success in boosting your ranks for a keyword that people use. 


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