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This month we focused on Acquisition results. It shows where your users are coming from, bounce rate (user accesses page and then leaves after a nominal amount of time), the amount of pages they viewed on average during their visit, and their average session duration (how long they were on your site).  There are a few main sources from which your users come from to arrive at your site:


Organic Search - These users found you by searching keywords in a search engine such as Google.

Direct - These users typed your address directly into their URL bar in their browser.

Social - These users came to your site via social media; the more interaction you have on social media the more this number will increase!

Referral - These users have been linked to you from another site.


We have set up a conversion goal for you so that we can track its success in Google Analytics. This will help us track the progress and success of your website when aiming to achieve specific goals. Since we just set it up, you will not see any data for it yet but as it progresses, if the goal is reached we will begin to collect data. Read about your conversion goal below and send us yours!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.25.05
Channel Grouping.png

Our Actions:

- Aquisition Report - We've highlighted where your users are coming from and their bounce rates by source - this will help us further improve your website flow and conversion rate.​


​- In order to guide your users to your Contact page, we have set up easy and obvious buttons where appropriate/needed to encourage users to access it.


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